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Kennebec Metal Recycling



Located in the Heart of Maine, Kennebec Metal Recycling is a family owned Scrap Metal Yard. We strive to provide honest and friendly service while paying competitive prices. Brian and Allison Keyte have worked tirelessly to create a recycling facility that meets the needs of our Skowhegan friends and provides a much needed service to the area. At Kennebec Metals, you can find Brian and Allison's daughter and son in law, their grandchildren on occasion, and some long time family friends as well as a couple of new faces, too! It truly is a family affair and we hope you feel welcomed into the KMR family when you do business with us. 

Yes! We're open. 

We have received numerous phone calls today (Monday, 4/15) inquiring if we are open. We will be open all day for our normal business hours. 

Get your BRASS in here!!





Monday          8am to 3:45pm Closed from 12-12:30 

Tuesday           8am to 3:45pm Closed from 12-12:30 

Wednesday     8am to 3:45pm Closed from 12-12:30 

Thursday         8am to 3:45pm Closed from 12-12:30 

Friday             8am to 3:45pm Closed from 12-12:30 

Saturday         CLOSED

Sunday           CLOSED



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