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What do I need to do to bring a converter in to be recycled?

In the state of Maine you now need to clearly write the VIN number from the vehicle the converter came off onto the converter using a permanent marker, paint marker, or by etching it on. 

Additionally, you will need to show your ID and sign a form stating that you obtained the converter legally. The form will include all of your license info as well as the license plate number of the vehicle you brought the converter in with. 

These are the current laws in Maine. If you get caught transporting a catalytic converter without the VIN number ON IT, you could get a ticket!

Catalytic Converters

All of your questions answered! 

Why are catalytic converters important? What exactly are they? What's in them? Why are they so valuable?

Read below to find out.


What are Catalytic Converters?

A converter is a vehicle component that acts as an exhaust emission control device converting toxic gases and pollutants in exhaust gas from an engine into less-toxic pollutants. Converters are usually used with internal combustion engines fueled by gasoline or diesel.


What's in them? Why are they so valuable?

Inside the converters is a mix of rare precious metals including platinum, palladium, rhodium, cerium, iron, manganese, nickel, and copper. 

These precious metals are valuable to recyclers because they have a higher price in the metal exchange market.


How do they help the environment?

Converters reduce poisonous and harmful gases from your vehicle emissions so they aren't released into the air that we breathe and grow our food in. They help reduce carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and nitrogen oxides in exhaust gases significantly reducing air pollution.

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Cat Facts!


Converters get really hot!! If you pull into a dry field and your cat is really hot from driving for a while, you could start a fire!


Catalytic converters work the best and most efficiently in higher temperatures.


Race cars typically do not have catalytic converters because they add weight (approx. 15lbs). Without them, the cars have have more horsepower and decreased back pressure. This only applies to race cars because of the high speeds, it would not make a difference in every day vehicles. 


Some wood stoves are equipped with their very own catalytic converters. They're used to re-burn the gases and particulates released from the burning wood.

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